Will Power Fitness & Personal Training

What I Offer

  • One to one personal training
  • Group sessions with a partner or friends
  • One off sessions to learn new techniques/build your confidence if attending a mainstream gym
  • Programmed workouts for you to complete between our sessions
  • Discounts for bulk bookings
  • I’m so pleased that I found Will, he has been the best PT that I’ve had. He is totally dedicated and caring towards your goals. He has always been available to offer support both during and after sessions, which I have found fantastic.


  • Highly recommend Will at WillPower. I’ve been training with him for about 6 months. My fitness, strength and mental wellbeing has improved dramatically. Having suffered a bad glute injury my running gait was way out, I recently had it re tested and I have been told that it has really improved and due to this I don’t need as much support in my new trainers. To quote the specialist ‘have you been doing lots of strength training? As I can see a real difference in your run gait’


  • When I started training with Will it was for a block of 5 PT sessions, training with my sister in-law. Since that block of 5 I have trained weekly with Will either with my sister in-law, with my husband, with my daughter or 1 to 1. It’s been nearly a year now and not once have I had the same session. Will always mixes it up and there is no chance to get bored!! Will always checks that your form and technique is correct. I have never suffered any injury whilst training with will and I can lift better and recover quickly from sessions. The best PT I’ve been to and who I will continue to use.


  • I’ve trained with a few PT’s over the years and what sticks out a country mile with Will is his passion and commitment to helping people achieve their goals. The plan set for me was personally tailored to my ability and goals, which was adapted to work around and help rehabilitate my injuries. This meant that I could still train hard and smash my targets. I have seen great results with Will and it has given me the boost to keep going with both my training and a healthier lifestyle! Great atmosphere to train in, great help, great support, I highly recommend.


  • Will has a great passion for training, he helped me in the goal of getting fit and back into shape. The outcome was fantastic! With dedication and most importantly very professional personal training I pushed myself further than I thought was possible.


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